Journey of the reindeer

When sun goes down after shining non-stop for almost 3 months, herds of reindeer begin they journey back inland, where they will spend winter – somewhere between Sweden, Norway and Finland. Reindeer that spent the summer on Kvaløya, Finnmark must first swim to the mainland and then walk for weeks. Their owners from Sara family follow them all the way, trying to get some control over this wild animals. This is a short story of getting reindeer through the sea and picking the ones that will be send to slaughterhouse and letting the rest live for one more year. Big […]

Havøysund – Arctic Wind

This are some pictures showing what “Out of office” auto responder on my mailbox actually mean. Pictures taken under my second and first visit in Havøysund, far in Norwegian Arctic when I was making a video commercial for Arctic Wind – owner of the wind power plant.  Last winter I also had an opportunity to take pictures for London-based magazine Recharge News to their article about conquering the arctic and running wind power plant in 73m/s winds and temperatures reaching -30*C. This was a huge privilege since this was first issue of the magazine, distributed to 20 000 key clients all […]

Fotoshoot for Hammerfest Turist AS

Bildene jeg tok et par uker siden for Hammerfest Turist AS. Bildene skal brukes til marketsføring av utlån av elektrosykkel i Hammerfest. God tur! Pictures from photo shoot for a local client: Hammerfest Turist AS. Pictures will be used to advertise El-bikes you can now rent in Hammerfest. Enjoy your ride! Trenger du bilder eller reklame film til marketsføring av din bedrift? Skriv til: zbigniew.wantuch(@)

Fotoshoot for Stellaris DansTeater from Hammerfest

Stellaris DansTeater stiller med ny forestilling “I Hengende Snøre” under National Kunst Festivalen i Hammerfest. Jeg fikk oppdrag for å ta bilder under generalprøve som skal brukes som pressebilder under turnee i Norge og Russland. Dance theater Stellaris from Hammerfest is going to present it’s new play titled “I Hengende Snøre” during National Art Fesival in Hammerfest. I got a chance to take pictures a day before the première. They will be used in marketing and as press photos for turné in Norway and Russia.  

Inside the burning house

I work as a photographer in a local newspaper Hammerfestingen in northernmost town in the world – Hammerfest, Norway. Two weeks ago camping place on Storsvingen was on fire, so everyone rushed in that direction. Fire brigade was already there. This was actual them, who started the fire in the first place, because it was just a training (camping buildings are going to be demolished to make a room for new flats). The next day we were invited to actually go into the burning buildings together with firefighters. Taking pictures with fire over your head, mask covering your face, water […]

Northern lights (aurora borealis) 2

Four days ago something exploded on the Sun (biggest activity since 2005), sending billions of electrically charged particles towards our planet. I had a privilege to meet them entering our atmosphere.   You can subscribe to this page, if you like. Or decide not to give a damn about it. [subscribe2]  

Wallpapers Set – Norway

BTW: IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE HERE, GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND SUBSCRIBE. THERE’S SOME MORE TO COME 🙂 All wallpapers in 1440×900 px. All from Norway. Click, download and enjoy.Fjærland in More og Romsdal, Norway. It’s also the place when you have bookshelves standing on sidewalk and you can buy a book by just putting 10NOK into special box. This is a view I had everyday whilst driving to work in Alesund, if it wasn’t raining. And if you check weather forecast, it rains almost non-stop. This is called Trollveggen. Fun starts when a caravan […]