Havøysund – Arctic Wind

This are some pictures showing what “Out of office” auto responder on my mailbox actually mean. Pictures taken under my second and first visit in Havøysund, far in Norwegian Arctic when I was making a video commercial for Arctic Wind – owner of the wind power plant.  Last winter I also had an opportunity to take pictures for London-based magazine Recharge News to their article about conquering the arctic and running wind power plant in 73m/s winds and temperatures reaching -30*C. This was a huge privilege since this was first issue of the magazine, distributed to 20 000 key clients all over the world. And they opened with my picture on the cover.   Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-001 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-003 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-002Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-004 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-005 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-006 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-007 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-008 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-009 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-010 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-011 Zbigniew-Wantuch_Photo_Havøysund_Artic_Wind_Norway-012

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